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Guidelines on Local Church Affiliations

The following steps are to be taken when a local church desires to affiliate with the Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines, Inc. (EFCP):

  1. Applicant Church through their officers write to the EFCP President expressing their intention to affiliate.  They must enclose a copy of their Constitution and By-Laws, if there is any and other pertinent information about their church.
  2. The President shall furnish the Applicant Church with:
  3. Upon submission of the Application Form and other pertinent papers, the President shall furnish the Regional Committee (RC) to which Applicant Church geographically belongs, copies of these documents and further advises the RC to conduct hearing/interviews with the officers of the Applicant Church on matters including among others, doctrines, practices, and polity.  The President also informs the Applicant Church on the functions of the RC.
  4. The RC shall submit their reports and findings to the President.
  5. If found favorable, the President furnished the Applicant Church a copy of the EFC Constitution and By-Laws and two (2) copies of Resolution for Affiliation Form and advises the same to study such documents.
  6. In the presence of either the President or any member of the RC, the Applicant Church is advised to sign the Resolution For Affiliation Form with at least three/fourth (3/4) votes of the whole membership affirming the said resolution.
  7. Upon receipt of the signed documents, the President recommends to the National Board of Directors (NBD) for appropriate action.
  8. The NBD then brings the same to the National Conference for ratification with at least three fourth (3/4) majority vote of the conference delegates.

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