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The Free Church Young Adults (FCYA) is the young adults’ arm of the EFCP – Cebu Region. FCYA was officially organized back in 2015 after numerous efforts to organize it in the past decade, with Ivan Joash Llegunas as the first president and Pastor Lito Jamisola as the adviser.

At the launching of the FCYA, it reached around 80 attendees. A testament, that indeed there are so many rare talents that needs to be empowered and used for God’s glory. Since then, there are scheduled fellowships once every two months with an average of 40-80 attendees. With God’s provision of grace, the FCYA has also taken part of raising funds for a cause. In 2015 , the FCYA started to raise funds for the Camp Bato and in 2016, the FCYA were also able to raise ample amount to give something for the pastors.


-A forum for EFCP young adults

-Promotes development of church leaders

-Encourages active involvement

-Aims to challenge YAs to deepen walk with the Lord

-Meets regularly

-Seek to encourage YAs to obey the Great Commission


-YAs who are 21-35 years old and a member of a local Evangelical Free Church duly recognized by the EFCP

-Open to all YAs regardless of profession and civil status

-Composed of the Core Group and a greater body referred to as the Executive Committee



The Free Church Youth Movement (FCYM) is the youth arm of the EFCP- Cebu Region.

It was first organized in 1972 with Rev. Prisco Allocod as the first president.

FCYM is currently divided into 5 clusters:

City Cluster, Cluster 1, 2 & 3 (South Clusters) and Cluster 4 (North Cluster).

Through the years, the organization has been active in:

-Joint Fellowships

-Camps and Conferences

-Leadership Trainings & Mentoring Sessions

-Church Visitations


-Citizenship & Public Service Activities

FCYM Aims and Objectives:

The FCYM shall encourage the cooperation of the EFC churches in the Visayas for the activities mentioned above.

The FCYM shall foster a better relationship among the young people of different EFC churches in the Visayas.

The FCYM shall encourage the discovery of talents and abilities among the young people in different EFC churches so that these can be used to reach out to others for the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Women’s Evangelical Free Church Organization (WEFCO) is the mother organization of the Women’s ministry of the EFCP- Cebu Region.

WEFCO was first organized in Cebu in the year 1964.

WEFCO is actively involving the women’s from different EFC churches in Cebu for gatherings and fellowships every twice or thrice a year.

WEFCO Aims and Objectives:

To maintain the fellowship among the women in the area of Evangelical Free Church of the Philippines.

To provide encouragement and mutual help for growth in following the Lord.

To provide a greater interest and a missionary zeal among our women.

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